Uman National University of Horticulture is a multidisciplinary higher educational institution of the 4-th level of accreditation, which provides training of specialists according to the licensed specialities of the bachelor, specialist and master educational levels and trains highly qualified professionals at the post-graduate and doctoral courses. Training of students is done in accordance with 15 fields of study and 24 specialities. The university has 6 faculties (The Faculty of Agronomy, The Faculty of Horticulture, Ecology and Plant Protection, The Faculty of Management, The Faculty of Economics and Entrepreneurship, The Faculty of Engineering and Technology, The Faculty of Forestry and Landscape Gardening); the Institute of Post-Diploma Education and Extension Service; the Training, Research and Production Department; the Department of Pre-university Training; the Department of International Relations; the Centre for Culture and Education. The international scientific activity of the university is carried out in terms of 32 agreements for cooperation with foreign educational institutions, scholarship and grant programmes.



Agricultural science and food

Management and administration

Social and behavioral science

Mechanical engineering

Manufacturing and technology