The State Institution “Institute of neurosurgery n. acad. A. Romodanov NAMS of Ukraine” is the leading institution in Ukraine in the specialty of neurosurgery. In terms of scientific and educational activity, the institute provides clinical residency, a graduate school and information and training courses. There is a teaching staff of 3 academics, 2 assistant academics, 15 professors, 34 doctors and 77 PhDs. It specialises in maintaining the current standard and improving the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and injuries of the central and peripheral nervous system, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, tumors, traumatic lesions, the effects of inflammation and abnormalities of the brain and spinal cord, pain syndromes, lesions of cranial and peripheral nerves and cerebral palsy. It is also a leading scientific research centre for the improvement of existing methods and development of new methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system, including: • diagnostic, surgical and combined treatment of tumours of the brain and spinal cord and the study of their molecular genetic features; • pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of central and and peripheral nervous system injury and its consequences; • surgical treatment of vascular pathology of the brain; • functional and restorative neurosurgery; • surgical treatment of spinal injuries, spinal cord and its roots; • treatment of chronic pain syndromes;; • treatment of nervous system defects and hydrocephalus in children; • rehabilitation of neurosurgical patients; • surgical and combined treatment of epilepsy resistant to standard treatments, and Parkinson’s disease; • study the mechanisms and effectiveness of the embryonic nervous tissue, neurogenic and mesenchymal stem cells in the experiment in the pathology of the nervous system; • neuroimmunology; and • radiosurgery.