Ostroh Slavic Greek Latin Academy was the first higher educational establishment in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. It was founded by Prince Vasyl-Konstiantyn Ostrozkyi and Princess Halshka Ostrozka in 1576.

The National University of Ostroh Academy is the successor of Ostroh Slavic, Greek and Latin Academy, the first higher educational establishment of the Eastern Slavs. The chronicles of the revived Ostroh Academy in Independent Ukraine started in 1994 with the Decree of the President of Ukraine. By virtue of succeeding decrees of the President of Ukraine, development of Ostroh Academy received a new impact for further growth. In October 2000, Ostroh Academy officially became the National University. Accordingly, the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on July, 29, 2009 №798, the Academy received the status of autonomous research national higher educational establishment.




Faculties & Departments

Teaching and research in the National University of Ostroh Academy is organised by Faculties. There are five Faculties and I. Malynovskyi Institute of Law offering sixteen prestigious specialties:

Faculty of Political Studies and Information Management(“Documentation and Information”, “Political Studies”, “Psychology”);

Faculty of Economics(“Finance”, “Economic Cybernetics”);

Faculty of Romance and Germanic Languages;

Faculty of Humanities(“Cultural Studies”, “Ukrainian Philology”, “Journalism”, “Literary Studies”, “Religious Studies”, “Theology”);

Faculty of International Relations(“History”, “Country Studies”, “International Relations”);

I. Malynovskyi Institute of Law (“Law”).