Technical College was organized on the basis of Ternopil Radio-Electronics and Instrument-Making Technical College and Vocational Technical School # 9 according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine #436 from December 7th, 1993.

Technical College of Ternopil State Technical University (hereinafter The College) is the structural subdivision of Ternopil State Ivan Pul’uj Technical University (hereinafter The University) which trains specialists in advanced computer education, modern methods of economic sciences study and perfect mastering of foreign languages. Training of highly skilled specialists in engineering is provided by qualified professors’ staff and appropriate material and technical resources.

The College is a state property that is subordinated to the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

The education model provides training of highly qualified specialist, bachelors and junior specialists according to the license. The admittance of applicants is annually established by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine.


Information technologies



Mechanical engineering

Electronics and telecommunications