Sumy Makarenko State Pedagogical University – the leading higher educational institute of Sumy region and Slobozhanshchyna. The University provides higher education in main directions “Teacher Education”, “Physical Education and Sport”, “Physics”, “Specific categories”, 26 specialties and 35 specializations. It provides educational sphere of north-eastern region with highly skilled specialists, guided by the best national and international traditions, modern principles and the latest trends in the development of education. The University includes 4 institutes , 3 faculties, 38 chairs, two teaching and counseling centers. The educational process in Sumy Makarenko State Pedagogical University is carried out by 475 tutors, including 37 doctors and professors, 244 candidates of science, associate professors, 1 academician, 9 honored workers of education, physical culture and sports of Ukraine, 11 honored coaches of Ukraine, 7 honored artists, folk art specialists, doctors, journalists of Ukraine. Specialized council for the defense of dissertations for the candidate of pedagogical sciences degree functions within university. The University enrolls more than 4,000 students from eight countries: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Germany. The University occupies the sixth position in the ranking of higher educational institutions of Ukraine. The University cooperates with 32 universities abroad. The university formed an integrated information technology infrastructure which is constantly improving.





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