The International University of Business and Law (IUBL) is a private higher educational institution founded in 1993. It has rapidly become Ukraines leading school in higher economics and administrative studies.

Higher education in Ukraine, as in all European countries, is managed by the Ministry of Education. The Bachelors degree is generally awarded after four years of post-secondary school study. The curriculum includes both general studies and courses leading to professional training in the fields of either law or business. The Masters degree generally takes one or two years depending on the qualifications and grades of the applicant.

The University has been granted a level 4 designation, which is the highest level of accreditation granted by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine . Its license status can be found on the government website and its accreditation status here. Visitors may use Google’s online translator to convert the contents of these official government pages from Ukrainian to English.



Social and behavioral science

Management and administration