Open International University of Human Development “Ukraine” is non-profit, non-state higher education institution, established in 1998.

Peter M. Talanchuk – President of University “Ukraine”, honored Scientist and Technician of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine, the initiator and president of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine, member of four international academies, honorary rector of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, the first Minister of Education of independent Ukraine.

During its short history the university took a nationwide and worldwide recognition. According to the independent survey rating of higher education institutions of Ukraine being held in 2005, the University “Ukraine” took third place among 110 Ukrainian non-state universities.

After signing an agreement with the Japanese “Stars of Peace” NGO in 2006, University “Ukraine” was the first university in the world to be honored with a great University of Peace title for its high mission.

University “Ukraine” is considered to be a center of sports development, volunteer and scout youth movements. University has been awarded for his significant contribution to preventing HIV / AIDS in Ukraine. University has been noticed many times by the Kyiv city Center of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth, UNICEF, the National Scout Organization of Ukraine and others for taking systematic steps for improving the health and promoting sports activities among students. University initiated a new trend in sports movement of students with disabilities.

University President Petro M. Talanchuk is recognized by the world scientific circles. On January 6, 2003 Petro Talanchuk was elected as an Honorary Member of World Innovation Foundation (USA). The Foundation was established by the Economic Prosperity Institute in 1992 and its president Dr. Jerome Karl is a Nobel Laureate. In 2004 Petro Talanchuk was named the International Socrates Prize-winner established by Europe Business Assembly International Corporation of Social Partnership, a vanity award. The President of the University “Ukraine” is an Honorary Member of the Ukrainian Engineers’ Society in America.


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