ODESSA NATIONAL ECONOMICS UNIVERSITY was established in 1921. The University today is one of the leading higher educational institutions of Ukraine. It offers training in all important areas of economics. Odessa National Economics University gives an opportunity to receive a higher education which can be continued in the form of postgraduate and doctoral studies. In Odessa National Economics University, not only is the internal culture, which assists individual growth and self-awareness of the students, graduate students and professors, supported, but also the advancement of international cooperation with educational and scientific centers of the globe, recognized scientists of other countries, exchange students, graduates and professors are carried out. In the university in past years, more than 1500 specialists from 52 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America have undertaken studies. Today, many of them are employed in management activities in their home countries. Currently more about 300 foreign students from 22 countries are studying in the university. The development of International Relations at Odessa National Economics University is characterized by growth in its integration into the international educational community, both at the level of research-production organizations and by means of the establishment and strengthening of prospective contacts with leading institutions in Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, France, the UK, USA and etc. ONEU affiliated the membership of Universities in Europe, signed in MAGNA CHARTA. The University takes an active part in the working out and realizing of various international projects and programs in accordance with signed agreements, including TEMPUS, DAAD, Erasmus+ and etc.





Management and administration

Social and behavioral science