The academic and educational processes as well as scientific work are provided by 41Chairs and 7 research laboratories with 8 academicians and associates of the branch academies of sciences of Ukraine, 76 doctors and professors, 497 associate professors and PhDs. 36 scientific and pedagogical fellows are merited scientists.

The Academy has formed and successfully developed a number of school of sciences, namely: on the problems of the constitutional system, the theoretical basis of securing human rights and freedoms, the administrative law and procedure, the criminal law, the criminal procedure, the philosophy of law and legal psychology, the theory and practice of the operational and investigative activity, the penal law and criminal victimology, crime detection and investigation, the administrative activity of the law enforcement agencies, etc. In recent years the academy is forming the school of sciences on the problems of the comparative law and economic security.

The Academy is a member of the Association of the European police colleges, of the Association of the higher educational establishments of the Ministries of internal affairs of the CIS countries, a permanent participant of the Conference of the heads of the police higher educational establishments in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The Academy maintains operative contacts with international organizations, educational and police establishments in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Germany, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, the USA, Turkey, France, etc.




Social and behavioral science

Social work