Kharkiv Basic Medical College No. 1 is the assignee of the feldsher school, established in Kharkov in 1845.

During the Great Patriotic War, the hospital and the feldsher school were destroyed. The feldsher school resumed its activities in 1943 after the liberation of the city of Kharkov, merging with the feldshersko-obstetric school No. 2 (Pushkinskaya Str. 27).

Since 1946 the Kharkov feldshersko-obstetric school works in the house along the street of Revolution, 3 which takes and now. In 1954 the school received a new name – medical school No. 1 and became the base for all medical schools in the Kharkov region. In 2006, the medical school was renamed into Kharkov Basic Medical College No. 1.