Lviv State University of Physical Culture – higher educational institution of IV accreditation level, was founded in 1946. The educational process at the University is carried out 25 departments, employing 34 professors, doctors of science and 141 candidates of Sciences, Associate Professor, 50 masters of sports and masters of sports of international class, 23 referees of national and international categories, 7 honored workers of physical culture and sport, 2 honored educator of Ukraine, 1 Honored Scientist of Ukraine, 13 honored coaches of Ukraine, Honored teacher of Ukraine, honored worker of culture of Ukraine. Among more than 20 thousand graduates of Lviv State University of Physical Culture are more than 400 honored coaches, honored teachers, honored workers of physical culture of Ukraine, as well as over 200 winners and prize-winners of Olympic games, World and European Championships. It is no exaggeration to say that the pride of the Ukrainian and world sport are our students and graduates. The university has established relationships with organizations and universities in Poland, Slovenia, USA, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Estonia, Hungary, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova. Since 1998 Lviv State University of Physical Culture is a member of the European Network of Sport Science, Education and Employment (ЕNSSEE); since 2001 – a collective member of the International Council on Health, Physical Education, Recreation, Sport and Dance (ICHPER-SD); since 2002 – a member of the Association of higher education institution of physical training in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Since 2009, Lviv State University of Physical Culture provides training of foreign nationals, in particular: Poland, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Nigeria, Guinea, Morocco, Libya, Israel and others.





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