The Eastern European National University (EENU) is one of the oldest educational institutions of Volyn region (EU border region), which continues educational traditions established in the seventeenth century by brethren school. Its history dates back to 1940, when the first institution of higher education was opened in Volyn region.

At the moment the University is made up of 7 Institutes (the Institute of Social Sciences, the Institute of Arts, the Institute of Physical Culture and Health, the Pedagogical Institute, the Institute of Philology and Journalism, the Institute of Foreign Philology, the Institute of Economics and Management), 9 departments (the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Physics, the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Biology, the Department of Geography, the Department of Law, the History Department, the Department of Psychology, the International Relations Department), the Teaching and Research Center of Postgraduate Education, the Preparatory Department, 76 Chairs of the Department with professional academic staff. There is another structural unit of EENU – College of Technology, Business and Law.

EENU has the 4th level of accreditation and trains about 15 thousand students in 48 specialties that allows to provide Volyn and neighboring regions with corresponding staff almost completely. 772 teachers, among them 498 doctors and candidates of sciences, professors.

EENU also is a member of the European University Association (EUA), the Eastern-European University Network (EEUN), The Baltic-Ukrainian Academic Consortium the Consortium of Ukrainian universities and the University of Warsaw, the Cross-Border Innovation Cluster. University scientists are involved into the development of international cooperation programs within the Euroregion Bug.

There is no doubt that our university is an example of a classical learning institution, as it was recognised by the authoritative commission that accredited it with the highest IV level rating. EENU was honoured by numerous award on international and all-ukrainian levels. University administration and staff are working hard in order to guarantee that the level of the university training of graduates corresponds with international standards, to be certain that the scientific schools function to full value, and to make all efforts to ensure that the Eastern European National University is at the top of the ladder among classical universities of Ukraine and Europe.



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