Nowadays Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design is included in the following national and international rankings: Ranking of CEOWORLD Magazine: «The Top 100 Fashion Schools In The World» – 88th place and «The Best Fashion Schools In Europe» – 53th place; Ranking of «Top 200 Ukraine» – 27th place; Ranking of information resource «Best Universities of Ukraine»: generally – place 23th; regionally (Kiev) – 8th place; Ranking of Ukrainian universities The project «Science of Ukraine in the mirror Scientometrics database SCIVERSE SCOPUS» – 38th place; Ranking of world universities Webometrics – 37th place; Ranking of openness of websites of Ukrainian universities – 6th place. THE FOLLOWING OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS: 37 study programmes (dual diploma is available), 450 highly qualified teachers, Dormitories (100% guarantee for nonresident students), Practical training and internship abroad, Workshop sessions with experts, Library (full supply of study materials and books), Modular university educational process environment (all the learning materials are available from the Internet or smartphone), Powerful sports complex (with private stadium, fitness facilities, shooting room), Educational and scientific complex on military education and training (military speciality is available), Students’ health camp “Molodizhnyi”, Hobby clubs and clubs for special purposes, Canteen, Cultural and art center, Students’ fashion house.




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