The university is the leading educational establishment inUkrainetraining specialists for architectural and constructional branch. Its authority is based on successful unity of many traditions being formed for more than 75 years and on introduction of achievements of the university sciences. In the years of its existence the university trained more than 65 thousands of engineers and architects including about two thousand of specialists for 75 countries of the world. Academic staff and scientists of the university have made a considerable contribution to national and world science in the branches of construction and architecture. Long-term experience of scientific-research work and scientists cooperation with scientific centers of Ukraine and other countries contributed to creation in the university of three scientific and research institutes, two scientific- research complexes, centre of economic research and prognoses, 11 scientific-research laboratories.

Now university activity aims at formation of new generation of specialists, who having mastered fundamental and specific knowledge, would be able to carry out independent creative work. Taking into account objective necessities of our time and changes taking place in the economy and civil life of our country multi-stage system of training specialists (bachelors, specialists, masters) was introduced in the university.






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