Founded in 1948, Kyiv National Linguistic University (KNLU) is a state Ukrainian institution for higher philological education that has established itself as a nationally and internationally recognized and respected university. With more than 39 Bachelor programmes and 32 Master programmes across a broad of linguistic fields (23 languages), KNLU provides rich and rewarding educational opportunities to around 6000 Ukrainian and 400 international students studying at its Faculties: Faculty of Germanic Philology, Faculty of Romance Philology, Faculty of Oriental Studies, Faculty of Translation, Faculty of Economics and Law, Faculty of Slavonic Philology as well as Preparatory / Pre-Admission Department for Foreign Citizens. All Faculties of KNLU offer Bachelor Degree (B.A.) and Master Degree (M.A.) and the duration of study varies between 4 and 6 years depending on major, training at the Preparatory / Pre-Admission Department for Foreign Citizens lasts for 10 months. For International students KNLU offers a unique combination of academic excellence, outstanding language opportunities and intercultural environment associated with studying in the very centre the capital of Ukraine – the city of Kyiv.










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