The College was established in 1960. At that time it was Flight School of Civil Air Fleet.  In 2003, the College joined the National Aviation University. The educational process engage an experienced team of teaching staff, nearly 40% have a degree, academic rank or higher teacher category. Flight training is provided by pilot-instructors and commanders with the best training and pilot qualifications of the 1st grade.The College is headed by Honorary Employee of Aviation, Holder of the excellence in Education of Ukraine Badge Volodymyr Holovenskyi.The College has departments with flight technical specialties, economic specialties, extra-mural learning, foreign students and aviation specialists training, educational practices and employment, organization, accounting, and management of the educational process, namely:


Department of Flight Technical Specialties

Aeronavigation and Specialties:

Flight Operation of Aircraft

Operation of Air Electrified Complexes

Maintenance of Aircraft and Engines

Maintenance of Storage, Transportation and Refueling of Fuel


Department of Economic Specialties

 Accounting and Audit and specialties:


Maintenance of transport