Kirovohrad flight school is operating since 1951.

In 2011 there was a transformation: by resolution of the meeting of State Flight Academy workforce and followed by the order of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine there was a new institution created in  Kirovograd – Kirovograd Flight Academy of the National Aviation University.

Head of the Academy is Sergii Nedilko, Doctor of Technical Sciences and Professor.








Faculty of flight operation
Faculty of air traffic services
Faculty of Management
Faculty of distance education



Department of Air Traffic Services
Department of Information Technology
Department- Center of Intensive Learning Foreign Languages
Department of Search, Rescue and Aviation Safety
Department of Aeronautical Meteorology
Department of Flight Safety
Department of Mechanics and Design of Aircraft
Department of Air Navigation
Department of Physics and Mathematics
Department of Physical and Psychophysiological Training
Department of Management and Economics
Department of Social and Human Sciences and Professional Education
Department of Military Training