Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University of Cherkasy is a classical higher educational establishment of European level, an educational and research facility, one of the country’s centres of education, science, culture and spirituality.

Cherkasy National University is looking for partners for cooperation in the suggested fileds of activities.

At present of great interest are projects connected with European studies, especially in areas of tourism promotion and development, perservance of biodiversity, environmental protection, rational nature management, linguistic and cognititve aspects in social studies.

International Mobility of Individuals (Students and Staff) and Joint Master Degrees.

We are open for participation as asociative partners as well.




Institutes and faculties:
There are 7 faculties and 46 departments in the university structure:

Faculty of economics and administration
Faculty of humanities and pedagogics
Faculty of engineering mechanics
Faculty of programming, computer and telecommunicational systems
Faculty of technology and design
Faculty of international relations
Faculty of distance studies, pre-university and post-university training.