Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs is the University of the IV-th level of accreditation. It consists of six inner training and scientific institutes (for training specialists of investigative and interrogative units; for training specialists of criminal police units; for training specialists of public order units; of psychology, management, social and informational technologies; of part-time studies; of law, economy and sociology), two outer law institutes (Kirovograd Law Institute, Kherson Law Institute) and one outer branch in Sumy.


There are 35 DSs, more than 350 asisstant professors, masters who work at Kharkiv National University of Internal Affairs and provide cadets and students’ training on budget and contract forms for all law enforcement agencies and other organizations. There are master and post-graduate courses at the University. Four Specialized Academic Councils for obtaining doctor and candidate (master) scientific degrees function here.


Sport and cultural life of the University is highly cultivated. Cadets and students take part in different amateur art activities, play KVN, are the winners of numerous competitions and festivals. Three honoured trainers, ten masters of sport of international level, three honoured masters of sport, 44 masters of sport, and other sportasmen-participants of Ukrainian, European and World championships work and study at the University.




Social and behavioral science

Management and administration

Information technologies