The history of Kharkiv National Agrarian University named after V.V.Dokuchajev is closely connected with the formation and development history of agriculture and forestry in our country during almost two centuries. On the 5 th of October 1816 the Edict of Russian emperor Alexander the First concerning formation of the Land Farming Institute in Marimont near Warsaw was issued. Later it was called Marimont Agriculture and Forestry Institute. In 1914 it was transfered to Kharkiv and in 1921 it was renamed Agricultural Institute.

In 1991 the institute became Kharkiv State Agrarian University named after V.V.Dokuchajev and in March 2002 the university received national status.
Today the agrarian university is a modern educational, scientific, and industrial complex which includes six scientific and research establishments, 15 colleges and technical secondary schools and three state organizations. It has broad connections with agricultural production of Ukraine. It is well known abroad and since 1997 the university has been a member of International University association in Paris (UNESKO, PARIS).

At the university 3349 bachelors specialists, masters study at six departments.



The carriculum consists of ten specialities (day and correspondence forms of education).
– “Agrochemistry and soil science”;
– “Agronomy” on specialities Seedscience and “Seed-growing”;
– “Fruit and vegetable growing and grapes-growing”;
– “Selection and genetics of agricultural crops”;
– “Plant protection” in specialities;
– “Phytosanitary monitoring” and “Forest pathology”;
– “Accouting and audit”; “Organization management”; “Enterprise economics”;
– “Land organization and cadastr”;
– “Forestry farming”.