Established in 1930 as Kharkov Automobile and Road Institute, our school played a significant role in the development of higher education of Ukraine. In 1993 the Cabinet of Ministers granted the status of the Institute of the University.

His 80-year anniversary HNADU meets as a modern institution that has a high-quality research and teaching staff, close links with the production and cooperates with many foreign partners.

Scientific achievements HNADU known both in Ukraine and abroad thanks to the successfully functioning scientific schools, headed by prominent scientists.

Creating the best learning conditions for students and provide staff accommodation units HNADU, among them – the center of information technology, scientific and technical libraries, museums, publishing, exhibition complex, administration and management of, and other campus.

But our greatest pride is the students, before we truly discover the wealth of knowledge of world and national values of science and culture.


  • Automobile
  • Road Building
  • Mechanical
  • Mechatronics Vehicle
  • Transport Systems
  • Management & Business
  • Faculty of Improvement of Professional Skill
  • Faculty of Foreign Students


  • Methodical Department
  • Scientific and Technical Library
  • Department of Standardization & Metrology
  • Department of Cryogenic & Pneumatic Equipment
  • Publishing House
  • CNIT
  • LITE
  • Laboratory of Fast Cars