Established in 20 August 2002 by Sergey Vasilevic Kivalav, is a part of Bologna Process and has the fourth degree accreditation. Odessa International Humanitarian University’s academic staff includes 35 doctors and 104 assistant doctors. The university started with only hundred students in 2003, and now has about 3700 students from many different parts of the World. Odessa International Humanitarian University consists of faculties, 2 institutes and 17 departments. It also has a prep faculty for the incoming foreign students. In order to improve the international scientific cooperation, international study programmes and has a study and research center. The university has 2 culture halls, cinema, conference hall, sports center and a modern library.The dormitories are more relaxed and comfortable compared to the others.Eighth floor of a 24 story hotel is being used by the university as the dormitory.This dormitory has the infrastructure that a student needs.





Management and administration

Social and behavioral science

Culture and arts