Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) is a private institution for education and research. UCU offers undergraduate degrees in: Theology, History, Culture Studies, Philology, Social Pedagogy, Psychology, Sociology, Computer Science; graduate degrees in: Theology, History, Social Pedagogy, Journalism, Media Communications, Public Administration, Clinical Psychology (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Clinical Psychology (Psychodynamic Therapy), Data Science, Human Rights, Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy; postgraduate studies in: History and Archeology, Theology. Additional non-degree certificate programs: Lviv Business Scholl, Institute of Leadership and Management, Institute of Ecumenical Studies, Institute of Mental Health, Institute of Catechism and Pedagogy, School of Ukrainian Language and Culture, Centre of Modern Foreign Languages, School of Icon Painting. UCU offers language training and summer schools in 4 languages, and hosts several international conferences each year (e.g. ASEEES-MAG Convention in 2016, with 540 participants). It has 18 research institutes/centres and maintains its own publishing house. Being private university with 1095 FTE students, UCU is distinguished with the team of professional managers and faculty members with the knowledge of foreign languages and broad international experience (more than 65% of staff), aiming to ensure high standards of academic excellence and moral strength of its graduates. The University has three campuses, equipped with Internet, computer centres and multimedia rooms, reading rooms and dining halls. The chapels at all campuses offer a Liturgy in the Byzantine rite every workday. The student residence is situated in the Academic city (Kozelnytska str. Campus), in walking distance of the city centre. The main library contains more than 250,000 books and journals and has the largest modern collection in theology and humanities in Ukraine, as well as one of the largest collections of contemporary periodicals. UCU collaborates with more than 100 universities, institutes and research centres all over the world, including several leading universities throughout the world such as Stanford University, Harvard University, University of Notre Dame, University of Toronto, University of Alberta, University of Vienna, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, University of Warsaw etc. With more than 45 universities are concluded international agreements on cooperation, student and staff mobility and common activities. UCU is a member of the Erasmus+ Program, International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU-FIUC), European Federation of Catholic Universities (FUCE), World Conference of Catholic University Institution of Philosophy (COMIUCAP), Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN), Baltic Management Development Association (BMDA) as well as a number of international consortiums and collaboration networks. Education at UCU is provided in Ukrainian and partially in English. Programmes: Theology (BA, MA) History (BA, MA) Social Pedagogy (BA, MA) Psychology (BA) Clinical Psychology (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) (MA) Clinical Psychology (Psychodynamic Therapy) (MA) Sociology (BA) Computer Science (BA) Data Science (MA) Culture Studies (BA) Philology (BA) Journalism (MA) Media Communications (MA) Public Administration (MA) Human Rights (MA) Physical Therapy (MA) Ergotherapy (MA)




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