Higher Educational Institution “The Kiev Medical College” Foreign students are trained for two specialties on the contract basis: – Orthopedic Dentistry (Dental Mechanic) – Nursery (Nurse) The tuition period is 3 years. The College’s teaching language is Ukrainian.

Today the higher educational institution “Kiev Medical College named after PI Gavrosya” is a modern educational institution with a developed material base, highly qualified teaching staff, established traditions and prospects for future development.

The College is the basic higher medical educational institution in the region and has the responsibility to promote the quality of training specialists in medical institutions of I – II levels of accreditation in Kyiv.

The cabinets and laboratories are equipped with equipment, medical equipment, tools, nursing articles, necessary for the formation of professional skills and abilities, as stipulated by the industry standards for training a junior specialist.

To practice practical skills, 4 gyms were created in the college on cyclic commissions for therapy, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, which provides each student with the conditions for individual independent work both in classroom and in extra-curricular time.

List of specialties:
– medical case (paramedic);
– Nursing (nurse);
– Pharmacy (pharmacist)