The International Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute “Beit Khan” (formerly the Women’s Pedagogical Institute) is the only higher educational institution in the territory of the CIS that allows Jewish girls to obtain a profession of a teacher and guarantees employment in the system of Jewish education.It was established on September 11, 1995 on the initiative of Levi Levayev, president of the charity fund “Or Avner Khabad Lubavitch”, and this year celebrated its fifteenth birthday, the first set consisted of 79 girls. Shek, not only from Ukraine, but also from the CIS countries.For the years of work of “Beit-Khany” she has produced more than 650 high-level professionals who work in 127 Jewish schools and kindergartens in 67 cities of the CIS, as well as in the faraway countries (Europe, Israel, USA, Australia) The International Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute “Beit-Khan” prepares specialists of the educational and qualification level “junior specialist” and “bachelor” in the areas “Preschool education” and “Primary education” and provides its release state diplomas. The institute has a system of correspondence education, which allows girls already engaged in the field of Jewish education to raise their professional level.

The international humanitarian and pedagogical institute “Beit-Khan” takes an active position in the system of higher education in Ukraine, is an educational institution that is intensively developing and has established ties with various universities of the country, near and far abroad. It is favorably allocated among the educational institutions of pedagogical profile due to the ethno-cultural component. The modern material and technical base, highly qualified teachers, individual approach to each student, high level of training of graduates make Beit-Khan the leader among Jewish higher educational institutions.

Faculty of History and Philology
Ukrainian language and literature, English and foreign literature.
Ukrainian language and literature, foreign literature.
English, French and foreign literature.
Russian language, English and foreign literature.
History. Jurisprudence
Faculty of Economics and Management
Management of organizations: the organization of hotel, resort, tourist service.
Mathematics. Computer science.
Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology
Initial training (specialist levels, master – based on “Bet Hana”).
Preschool education. Correctional education (speech therapy).
Social pedagogy. Practical psychology.
Practical psychology
Faculty of Aesthetic Education
Musical pedagogy and education
Design. Graphic design.