Donbas State Technical University (DonSTU) (Ukrainian: Донбаський державний технічний університет) is institution of higher education. Today, the University is a major regional educational and scientific center in the field of technical education.

The Donbas State Technical University was formed on October 12, 1957. At that time it had the name Voroshylovsk Mining-Metallurgical Institute.

In 1964 due to the changing of the town’s name it possessed the name Kommunarsk Mining-Metallurgical Institute. In 1992 it became Donbas Mining-Metallurgical Institute (DMMI).

By the order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 622 from July 27, 2004 Donbas Mining-Metallurgical Institute was reorganized as the Donbas State Technical University (DonSTU).

In the month of November, in consequence of political events, the University was divided into two: DonSTU LNR and DonSTU (Ukraine).



DonSTU is the largest training center, a higher institution of the IV (highest) level of accreditation. It has the following departments:



Civil Engineering;

Economics and Finances;

Mechanical Engineering;


Automation and Electro-technical Systems;

Foreign Student’s department;

Training-consulting center “Osvita”;

Institute of advanced study and advanced training courses for managers and leaders;


Scientific Library.