Cherkasy State Business-College, Cherkasy, Ukraine (Ukrainian: Черкаський державний бізнес-коледж) is a higher educational institution of the IІ level of accreditation. It is committed to enhancing innovative technologies in teaching. The College creates up-to-date educational and innovation values that correspond to the contemporary demands of the 21st century. Cherkasy State Business-College was founded in 2000 as a state higher education institution with a focus on Economics, Design, Computer Sciences. Currently College offers Bachelor programs on Economics, Marketing, Accounting and Taxation, Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Market Activities. In the year 2016-17, about 1.100 students are enrolled at College. The number of faculty amounts to about 100 persons, including both full-time and part-time teachers. Programs: Economics Marketing Accounting and Taxation Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Market Activities




Social and behavioral science

Management and administration