Founded in 1992, Berdyansk Institute of Entrepreneurship (since 2007 Berdyansk Management and Business University) has become one of the first private high school in the region created to train the specialists to work in a market economy conditions, this goal was identified as a priority and future direction.

The Institute trained first its specialists in the field of Economy, Management, Law, Sociology, Business Administration and Information Technology. In 1998 the Institute was accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as a private high school with the right to give diplomas in a standard state format.

Nowadays, the four faculties (Economic department, Management and Business Department, Information Technology department and Law department) has trained more than 8000 students of all form of education in 16 specialties of professional-level education. There are three academic buildings, 3 libraries, 3 cafés, 7 computer classrooms with all machines connected to the Internet.The Inter-University cooperation provided with universities in Germany, France, Bulgaria, Russia, the Czech Republic and Poland. In association with High School of Economics and Sociology in Tichin (Poland) our university prepares political scientists and sociologists of business and management. Students of this field of study the first three years spend in Berdyansk, and 4th and 5th years study the courses in Poland, then they are graduated with Polish Master’s – level Degree in European policy.

The basic principles of our university policy is to provide the social guarantees for the young people to obtain high education in available social tuition. Out high school promotes its graduates. About 80% of them are employed immediately after graduation. Our ex-students work successfully in the state bodies, the banking and financial institutions, the private companies and different law institutions.



Management and administration

Information technologies