1. Architecture
  2. Architectural Medium Design
  3. Monumental Decorative Art
  4. Municipal Construction and Economy
  5. Industrial and Civil Engineering
  6. Building Materials, Articles and Constructions Production
  7. Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation
  8. Water Supply and Sewerage
  9. Engineering Protection of Environment in Civil Engineering and Building Materials’ Production
  10. Highways and Airfields
  11. Real Estate Expertise and Management
  12. Mechanization and Automation of Construction Process
  13. Buildings’ Planning
  14. Hydraulic Engineering
  15. Fire Safety
  16. Direction “Civil Engineering”
  17. Civil Engineering
  18. Traffic Engineering
  19. Bridges and Traffic Tunnels
  20. Life Safety in Force Majeur Circumstances
  21. Marine Oil and Gas Constructions
  22. Energy Supply of Enterprises
  23. Lifting and Transporting, Building and Road Machines and Equipment
  24. Powder Metallurgy, Composite Materials and Coatings
  25. Standardization and Certification