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Education in the main languages

Wanted to change the situation and get acquainted with the culture of another country? You can safely collect your bags and go to study in Ukraine, where one of the oldest universities in Europe is concentrated.
Of the reasons why …

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Open borders

To be in Europe, it’s enough just to cross the border!

Traveling in Poland

Travel to Poland
Traveling around Poland is the first thing that comes to mind, especially since Krakow is worthy to see it! In fact, this is …

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250 HIGH SCHOOLS for all needs

Ukrainian universities – the best institutes and academies
Sooner or later, in the life of every student, the question arises of obtaining a higher education. In general, higher education institutions of Ukraine and the question of their choice are worried …

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Research area

Early Iron Age. 1st millennium BC-beg. 1st thousandth AD
The first people on the Ukrainian lands, whose name is known, are the Cimmerians mentioned in Homeric Odyssey. It is believed that these nomads, speaking in a related Iranian language, came …

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